University Heights College Suites continues to offer the option to make your rent payments online using RentPayment. You can charge your rent to your Visa, MasterCard and Discover. The RentPayment service has a percentage-based transaction fee when you make online payments.

New users and those of you who have lived at University Heights College Suites previously will need to create a login from the steps listed below.

How to get started today:
  1. Click here to: Pay Rent Online.
  2. In the section First Time User/New User? Click on the “Setup Account “icon.
  3. Click on the “Enter Resident ID” button to the right.
  4. Contact the UHCS Office at 518.694.9000 or at for your specific Resident ID.
  5. You will only need the Resident ID for the initial login.
    1. Do not contact RentPayment to receive your Resident ID.
    2. Enter your Resident ID and click on the “Continue” icon.
  6. Create a login name and password and click on the “Continue” icon.
  7. Select Setup AutoPay or Make One-Time Payment.
  8. When you are at the Payment Amounts Step:
    1. Rent and Parking fees can be applied to Rent
    2. The $200.00 application fee can be applied to Other.