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UH College Suites applicants must be full-time matriculating students enrolled in one of the cooperating colleges. Applicant must be in good academic and judicial standing with all accounts paid and no outstanding balances.

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Students must be in at least their 3rd year to apply. Sage College of Albany Undergraduate Students must contact the Sage College of Albany Residence Life office at 518.244.2008 to apply.

Please be advised that all applicants are initially placed on the UH College Suites Wait List. In order to receive housing at UH College Suites, we require a completed application packet.

A completed application packet includes the following:

Once your application is completed, placement is based on the date UH College Suites receives your $200.00 application fee.

Make your check or money order payable in U.S. Currency to:

Renaissance Corporation of Albany (RCA) and mail your deposit to:
100 Union Drive
Albany, New York 12208

Make sure to clearly reference your name on the check.

We also accept online payments. Click on the "Pay your Rent online" icon on our homepage. The RentPayment service has a percentage-based transaction fee when you make online payments. Please refer to the Application Fee Policy for further information on the payment and the refund thereof.

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